“This has been the worst experience we have ever had. This company was assigned to us thru American Home Shield to fix a minor leak. That was in November. They came out to the house. Claimed they need a part. Came back the next day. Made it worse and we have not seen them again. The were a no call, no show for the third appt. Throughout the entire process they have harassed us for $100 dollars. The warrranty company has informed them again and again the We dont pay them and to submit an order for any monetary request. The company then authorizes the amount. I know this bc Im on with AHS regularly, as a result of this company. AS I was on the phone with AHS, Today, I received another text from them asking for $100. While I was on the phone with the warranty company that had just completed a call with them, telling them how to get this $100 dollars, that for some reason they refuse to have authorized. We have been with AHS for years and no money has ever changed hands between us and the assigned contractor. We have been dealing with Hers and His Plumbing for over a month now. They still have not finished the job. And as of this morning Dec. 28, Ive received two text asking for…you guessed it…$100 dollars. I wish you could add photos, Id post their money grubbing text. IF you have an option, Do not use this company, Unless you have $100 dollars lying around you’re just dying to give away. Good Luck to You!”

– T H.