“On February 23, 2023, Hers and His was randomly assigned to repair a busted pipe that had suffered from frozen water inside it. This repair was made through a third party home warranty program, whereby the guarantee for the work extends only 30 days from the date of the repair. On February 13, 2024, I notified His and Hers about this issue and was told that the home warranty program’s guarantee policy (30-day guarantee) applied to the 2023 repair.

The actual language from the home warrant contract reads as follows (Paragraph E of Section 9): “Repairs and replacements performed on a Covered Item have a thirty (30) day workmanship guarantee, in addition to any applicable manufacturer’s warranty that may be included with replacement parts or equipment. If a particular repair or under your Service Request fails within thirty (30) days after completion, we will send a Service Contractor to correct the Covered Breakdown and you will not be charged an additional Service Fee. We will determine, in our sole discretion, whether to use the same Service Contractor who performed the original repair or replacement.”

Given this language (“in addition to any applicable manufacturer’s warranty”) it is difficult to understand why Hers and His warranty policy on labor or the manufacturer’s warranty on the device that was installed on the pipe to fix the leak would not only apply to this situation. My assertion is that there cannot be two different standards for when a warranty on a part (and associated labor) is a reasonable position for Hers and His to have for this situation. Additionally, but for the failed device (90 degree pipe elbow), there would not be additional water and repair damage stemming from the failed device installed only one year ago. We were not provided with any info that spoke to this policy, back in 2023, prior to the repairs being made or rendering out-of-pocket payments.

Hers and His’ own website states that some of the lessons learned are: “always take care of the customer,” “be honest,” and “be clear.” I think this company should reflect on these lessons learned and re-assess its position on this situation.”

– K W.