“This company was dispatched to our home form American Home Shield to replace a hot water heater. It took us over 3 weeks of asking to get an invoice of the work that was performed. Once we FINALLY received it, we noticed a charge of $250 for an expansion tank that was the exact same expansion tank that was on my old previous unit. I've reached out to them for an explanation of the charges several times and they kept telling me that they had to send an email to the technician for clarification and that it could take up to 24-48hrs for a response. After that time had passed and no follow-up, I again reached out and they told me the same thing. I reminded them that they told me that the first three times to still no avail. After about the 5th time, they told me that the technician was "out of the country"! Are you SERIOUS?? After reaching back out to them after 10 days of that excuse, they informed me that the technician is no longer with the company! This SCREAMS scam work. They charged us for things and work that wasn't completed and is now giving us the run around and excuses in hopes that we'll let it go. I've been told several times by a representative at Hers and His Plumbing that a manager would contact me for an explanation…it's been a month now without ANY follow-up from them. Please stay far away from this company. I'd rather pay more for better and honest service. BEWARE — YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!!!”

– Bobby W.